I was born in 1974. In fact I don`t quiter emeber it, I know it only from stories. Nevertheless I`m here. My home town is Jicin and it`s the best town in the whole world. I work in small family shop. We buy and sell antiquitates and do watchmaker`s job. As early as in the half of 19th century my great great grand father was a watchmaker and a jeweller in Horice and this profession has been passed on our family since then. So I am nearly to it and I like my job. In the right photo there is my grand father Ervin Krenn with my great grand father Josef Stasek in front of the shop here in the sqaure of Jicin around 1925. A shot from Josef Picek photographer
SPRZ Ho band on scene Besides my other hobbies (photograph including) in the first place I would put music and especially the bluegrass music. I play the guitar in the band called ZPRZ HO. We try to play bluegrass classics in Czech and in English as well. The members are Roman Sedlacek playing the five string banjo, Zdenek Vohnout the mandolin, his son Zdenek the guitar and Zdenek Vagner the upright bass. You can see and hear us each Thuesday in the pub "U nasich" in Jicin.
I also do rock climbing, rarely, in a low level, when I have some free time. It means, that when the season is good , I`ll get to the rocks ten times. But I must tell you that I like it. In the year 1999 I even found the magic of the first end of the rope, but up to the present day I have tried only way of 5th level. I like sports in many forms. Well, not in so many. I don`t like footbal and ice hockey. I`d like to run for joy, take a MTB trip (surely with photo equipment on my shoulders) or running-ski in winter time. I also like swimming.  On hunting in High Tatras
So this is my Terezka   At the end of the summer holiday 2000 inclination to my newest hobby - motorcycles started. Especially my brand new five years old Honda Transalp. It`s travel enduro and I think she suits me well :o)) Why she? Because her name is Terezka...